Friday, March 4, 2011

Drawing the news

This is when things get really really weird. The news came on and they were talking about construction so I drew a backhoe then I drew some of the people that were on the news. They are a little improvised because the picture kept changing. The one guy was a little too close to the backhoe so I just decided to incorporate him and make his hair blend into the dirt. The other guy became a bird. I used my Stabilo pens to add a little color. I really have no idea what is going on in this picture but it is fun to look at and it was fun to draw. I like it when my drawings make me laugh. It is very important for me to use cheap paper that I do not care about in a sketchbook, I am much more free that way. Who cares if you "mess up" a piece of copier paper. A piece of expensive watercolor paper is much more intimidating to me. After I am done with this little sketch book I plan to use sketch paper that can take a little bit of wet media, it will still be cheap, just a little thicker. It is making me a little crazy that I can't use watercolor on this paper.

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