Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Drawing More People

The other day we were watching a show on PBS about Jimmy Carter and I thought it would be fun to try to draw people while watching the show. The people here are mostly composites of people they were showing because they kept showing different people all of the time and I couldn't keep up. The only one that is a real person is the little girl, she is supposed to be Amy Carter. I couldn't resist drawing the little hat and braids. I also really enjoy drawing people with facial hair. You can see that my people have improved quite a bit from when I first started. I am happy with my progress. 

I have been feeling handicaped though, there was an accident with my PITT Artist Superfine Pen a week or so ago and I have had to use other pens since then that have not quite been cutting it. Finally today I went to Blick and bought 2 new pens. I haven't used them yet but I feel better just knowing they are here. 

I signed up to be an affiliate with amazon so if you click on that link and buy a pen I will make a small amount of money. I will only endorse products that I know and love and would talk about anyway. I just feel that I should let you know this is happening so I do not feel like a slimy sales person. But seriously PITT Artist Superfine Pens are my favorite!

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