Saturday, March 5, 2011

Drawing at the radio auction

Last weekend Greg and I went to a radio auction in northern Ohio. We went Friday evening for the preview then stayed in a cheap hotel down the street so we could make it there early the next day. The auction started at 8:30am! When we go to auctions there is always a lot of down time where we are just sitting around waiting for the items we are interested in to come up so I did a few little sketches in the notepad I was holding. I was keeping track of prices in the little notebook. First I drew the auctioneer, the drawing on the right. Next I drew one of the helpers, I got his eye totally wrong, I need to work more on profiles. Every time they brought up another horn speaker I drew it on the paper in the center, they come in such cool shapes and each one seemed to be a little different. I just used a cheap ball point pen for these sketches, it is what I had on hand. 

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