Monday, July 16, 2018

So my friend Julie posted pictures of noodles on fb and they looked delicious but I saw the post at 3am when I was up and couldn't sleep. I finally got back to sleep and had an anxiety dream that I was making Mandy a bowl of noodles and there were so many that they wouldn't fit in the bowl and there was no room to add the sauce. When I woke up I decided to draw a bowl of noodles to try to get it out of my system. Noodles noodles everywhere in gouache in my big sketchbook with a little stamp from a catalogue glued on to look like a picture hung on the wall.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

I ordered a set of 12 tubes Holbein Artists' Gouache and after doing a test in my sketchbook which we will skip for now, I decided to try them out. This 3.5 X 5 Strathmore Sketch book was at hand so I painted (freehand) a cat from Tommy's medication that was sitting on the counter. I thought it was funny that the cat pictured did not have much of a neck. Then I thought it needed something more so I put the little frame around it then I decided it would look happy with some Frida style flowers on its head so here is my first little painting with my new Holbein gouache.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

I painted this when we got back from Indian Lake in my large sketchbook. One of the campsites was right along a canal where a Great Blue Heron like to fish. I saw him catch 2 fish and gulp them down while we were there. This is painted in gouache with my Handmade Modern brushes (great inexpensive brushes from Target) and references from pintrest since I couldn't get a good photo myself.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Over the 4th of July holiday we went camping at Indian Lake and it was HOT! I want to call this a watercolor sketch that was done en plein air (outdoors), but truth be told I was sitting in the air conditioned camper looking out of the window. I cannot get the colors quite right, the blue in my actual painting is not so bright. Oh if I only knew how to use my computer a little better, it is an old mac and I have always had Windows in the past so there is a learning curve. There is a group of artist here in Findlay that meet every Wednesday morning for an hour to paint en plein air at a different park in the area. I went twice and it was nice to meet everyone and talk about painting. So long story short that is the reason I was interested in trying to paint en plein air. This is done with my Yarka watercolor set with a water brush in an 8X5 Moleskine watercolor sketchbook. This sketchbook has not had enough use, the first pages are from the Arizona state fair in 2006 and I am only 5 pages in.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mandy and I were outside at dusk when she saw the first star in the sky and she said "I wish I would have a dog that would turn into a lightning bug and I could ride it up to that rainbow". The rainbow she was talking about was the sun set. So I thought I would attempt to make this into a drawing. I am never happy with the way my people come out but I am overall happy with the drawing. It is in gouache with the writing in black pen in my big sketchbook. I was having a bit of trouble figuring out how to use my scanner, the quality will improve after a few images and I get past the learning curve. I have such a hard time filling a sketchbook because I can never just work on one at a time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

I  have decided to try to keep a sketchbook blog again since I have been focusing on drawing and painting a lot more recently. Here is a page that changed everything. I decided to test my cheap MBGI-WAP gouache in the sketchbook I have been working in and it worked out very well. It wrinkled the paper a bit but that is ok, it goes on smooth and is easy to use. Then I started obsessing over gouache and watching youtube videos and digging through pintrest for examples and then I ordered some Holbein gouache. Well you will see, this is just the first step.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Drawing The Medary School

About a week ago I went for a short walk looking for something to draw. I sat on the steps of a church and drew part of The Medary School. It is a huge old school that is still being used. It has a lot of interesting architectural details and was pretty fun and challenging to draw. It was very windy that day so it was also a challenge to hold the paper down and keep my hair out of my face while I was drawing. While I was sitting on the steps a mocking bird was sitting up on a wire entertaining me with its songs. One of the sounds it made was a hawk, which was funny. I wonder if the other birds can tell that it is not a real hawk sound. I didn't draw anything all last week, I need to get back into the habit.