Sunday, April 3, 2011


I drew this silly page Friday night while I was drinking some Woodchuck Hard Cider. I am not a big drinker but that stuff is good! The bird is in the likeness of my old pet Quaker Parrot, Olive. There is a weird water dinosaur creature, a flying woolly worm, a clarinet, so many weird things in this doodle! I drew it with my trusty PITT Artist Superfine Pen. The next day I decided I needed some Crayola Markers so I went and picked some up at Target then came home and colored this page. Some people out there may not take Crayola Markers seriously as a drawing medium but I have used all kinds of fancy markers and haven't found any so vibrant! Also they are now really environmental as a company and use recycled plastic for the marker barrels. I have drawings I did with Crayolas from over 10 years ago and the color has held up great! I just bought the bold colors but I really should have went for the 64 pack! I can't believe they have 64 different colored markers! The only trouble with the big pack is that they are short, made for little kid hands. I didn't draw anything for about a week but in the past couple of days I have done quite a few drawings so I think my little dry spell is over. Sometimes life just gets too hectic!

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